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I was quite nervous about it as I have never camped in a foreign country. We invite you to join us in on our guided tour of the Baja Peninsula, with trips focusing on Baja’s Central Desert, Sea of Cortez, and Pacific Coast. There’s Idrias which belong to the Fouqieriaceae, a plant family only present in Mexico and the southwest of the USA and Ocotillo, Devil’s Coachwhip. Classic Baja racing will be combined with the zany energy of the Budapest-Bamako to bring you a unique once in a lifetime experience. Baja California, the earth’s second-longest peninsula, offers over 1200km of the mystical, ethereal, majestic and untamed. Meyer is an educator at California State University, Monterey Bay, and a professional naturalist who led his first trip to Baja in 1985. Galleries. The plan was to housesit at a ranch in Baja Norte near iconic Baja 1,000 stopover, Mike’s Sky Ranch for about four months and use our time off at the house to explore the peninsula. On this 7-day Baja California Nature Tour, you’ll first be treated to spectacular nature and wildlife opportunities in Mexico’s central Baja California peninsula and the Sea of Cortez, including such adventures as snorkeling with whale sharks and kayaking among sea lions. Guided Overland Travel Baja California: True Adventure in a land of Deserts and Seas. We escort our guests on some of the same offroad trails used for the famous Baja 500 and the Grand daddy of all, the Score Tecate Baja 1000. Our Baja Mexico overland adventure was one of our most difficult and rewarding trips we ever took on. With dramatic contrasts of land and sea, striking desert landscapes, remote wilderness, and vibrant culture, Baja has been an icon of overland travel for generations. The Baja California Peninsula is one of the last truly unspoiled places left on earth. Cruise Instagram for long enough and your feed will be flooded with mint condition $50,000 Land Rovers with $5000 tents on top and a half-naked woman seductively watching the sunset over a beautifully pristine landscape. Our Baja Mexico overland adventure was one of our most difficult and rewarding trips we ever took on. Baja is magic, filled with adventure and perfectly bordered by the restless Pacific on one side and the tranquil Sea of Cortez on the other. Headed for the Seven Sisters, a cluster of quality surf breaks in the barren desert about 50 miles north of the border separating Baja Norte from Baja Sur. Well it's because the route travels through the cities of Tecate, San Felipe and Ensenada. Baja overland. Baja Overland Adventures | Packing tips, recent trips and news are all here on our blog to make your overland adventure a success. One of the best tools you can take with you on an overland trip is a shovel. The BAJA XL returns for its third edition. 4X4 tours for off road enthusiasts to see Baja. Visit Cerritos Beach (a popular surfing spot) and choose whether to get in the water or just chill on the beach, taking in the sights. “Baja is a biodiversity hotspot,” explains The Devil’s RoadScientific Advisor Greg Meyer. The Baja California Peninsula is one of the last truly unspoiled places left on earth. Subscribe here, to take advantage of those deals when they come up- or send us an message with your desired 'one-way' details! If a serious overland trek is on the schedule, then the remote and rugged route to San Evaristo is my second favorite in Baja. Route Overview Adventure Rating: Epic Trip … Overview. We offer basic 4x4 tours to elaborate custom off-road tours. There are more than 1,600 miles of Baja coastline to explore, and many locations are not accessible by road, so Baja small ship cruising is a great way to experience the remote wilderness and wildlife. With this … Overland Trips and Events. One of our favorite trips to do as a family is whale watching (and petting!) We crossed international borders 6 times between Canada and the USA. Watching the footage I wanted to put something together that would give everyone a quick glimpse into that overland adventure and encourage others to get out of their comfort zone. Baja California by Land or Sea. The nomadic lifestyle is so glamorous! New-model vehicles with heavy modifications, some totaling over $80,000 in value, were the norm. Baja is an overlander’s dream: empty beaches, expansive deserts, rocky mountains—all connected by endless dirt roads and dotted with primitive campsites. We did a spectacular trip to Thailand with them in 2004/2005 and do trips with them on a regular basis. Call us at 1-951-973-2058 to book your tour HOME; THE RIG; TRIPS; OUR STORY; BLOG; CONTACT US; Select Page. “This thing probably weighs about 3,000 pounds” says overland VW Bug builder Jamie Wiseman. See more ideas about 4x4, overlanding, camping. A Landcruiser Adventure from Arizona to Alaska to Argentina Overland The World Read More . Lupita Overland is the main adventure travel operator for Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Jan 29-Feb 7, 2019 This spirit of desert racing and off-road overland trips live on. The most famous is the Cardones cacti which can reach up to 20m high and its roots up to 30m deep. Route-finding can be difficult, so this trip is best for the prepared and experienced, but the rewards are stunning. The Overland trip lasted 42 days. We have personally travelled each trail and our write ups are photographic accounts of each of our trips. Baja California has about 4000 species, of which some 700 are found only in Baja. We traversed a total of 11 states: Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona. Blog. Lopez Mateos – California Grey Whale Watching. My last trip to Baja was in February. Explore this part of the world on one of our Cabo 4x4 tours, experiencing this idyllic part of the world how it’s meant to be seen. February now reminds me of my dad telling me exactly where he was when JFK was assassinated and Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon’s surface. Forums. While they have one specifically for Baja, it’s well worth it just to buy the entire Mexico edition…just in case you decide to cross over to the mainland. We later found out that round-the-world overland traveler Graeme Belle and his family house sat in the very same house while crossing North America — good company to be in. First Trip to Mexico (Baja) Thread starter Delkat; Start date 3 minutes ago; Hi Guest, you may choose a LIGHT or DARK theme that works best for you with the "Style Chooser" button at the bottom left on this page! Overland camping is different from traditional off-roading because of how overlanders view the obstacles on the roads. Why TSE? In late 2015, we shipped a converted diesel 80 Series on to South America. It was me, two friends, and one of my friend’s middle-aged father. (Canada doesn’t count!) We often provide one-way trip to and from San Diego to Baja airports upon request, which will prompt us to post a special offer for the return trip. Other great resources include Campendium and … Baja California - Guided Tour. Baja Trip report (At the request of Dan Cronin, for those going next summer) Me, my wife, Boy14, and Girl11 just got back from a 21 day expedition thru Baja California. Those lucky enough to make the full La Paz to Tijuana trip will find that the Carretera Transpeninsular offers stunning vistas at every turn. The obstacles and terrain crossed on an overland camping trip are simply obstructions that need traversing to reach an end destination, not the overall goal itself. Our tours explore the major highlights plus many off-the-beaten-path destinations. The overland trails featured here will hopefully inspire you to go explore the amazing backcountry of the deserts and mountains of California. Mar 10, 2020 - Off road, 4x4, TT, todo terreno, viajes, travesias, travel, camping. Thus, we get the original taste of amazing local cultures and stunning landscapes. For those who aren't blessed with months on end to explore Baja, the TSE Trail is the perfect opportunity to explore and discover the northern Baja backcountry. We traversed over 10,966 miles on and off road. I took my first road trip to Baja in 1998 or 1999. Watching the footage I wanted to put something together that would give everyone a quick glimpse into that overland adventure and encourage others to get out of their comfort zone. Baja California is a beautiful part of the world with a stunning coastline that is perfect for long scenic drives. The 2019 Baja XL (formerly known as Baja 4000) was a roaring success. I recently experienced an overland trip up and down the Baja peninsula with Dometic. Home Baja Southwest Other World Baja Overland Blog 1.17.2015 Hello Everyone, ... Every once in a while I'll question the sanity of this obsession but all it takes is a quick trip to Baja, Anza Borrego or any other random isolated piece of dirt to bring things back into focus. The route starts at MEX1 (waypoint) and winds its way east through washouts, loose climbs and narrow shelf roads. We found the Church & Church Guides invaluable for getting info on where to camp during our trip. Routes Canada Alaska ... Local trips to Southern Utah, Mexico, and another rip to the tip of Baja. One of the best Baja routes is to cross the mellow border at Tecate and explore the wine region north of Ensenada. Travel with us from Loreto, BCS or San Diego, CA on a one-way trip weaving across the Peninsula, as we uncover its more remote wonders. FEEL THE RHYTHMS OF THE NATURAL WORLD REAWAKEN YOUR SENSES, AS WE EXPLORE BAJA’S DESERTS AND SEAS ON THIS 8-DAY GUIDED TOUR. February now holds space alongside the morning I woke up in Santa Cruz, California to the news of 9-11 happening in New York, my childhood city.

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