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Making games the Rockstar way (without their budgets!)

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Edited by Erica L. Howard.   Everyone in the gaming world is playing, it seems, Rockstar Games’ newest opus, Red Dead Redemption 2. Understandably, much of the focus has been on the enormous team size and resources of this outstanding … Read More

Metal Gear Survive: When Craft Collides With the Market

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I love writing about the level design and game design craft, but the truth is, video games are about so much more than that, and I’m interested in all of these aspects. Hence, I’ve added the “business” category. I hope … Read More

Verisimilitude in World Maps

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Verisimilitude, while hard to spell (and say), is nonetheless one of my favorite words in game design. Simply put, it is the appearance of being real. In game maps, verisimilitude is the feeling (or, rather, the illusion) of a world … Read More

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