• Nevada Dev Log: Press X for Doubt

    I’ve been doing a pretty good job working on this despite the semester taking its usual toll. I have a good reason: there are some kinda cool ideas I have in my head for potential grants and things like that, which involve game making, and I kind of want to get to those! But I […]

  • Nevada Dev Log: Mostly Pictures of Status Effects

    It is 11:12 pm, less than an hour away before my summer break ends (sadness!) and I go back “on-contract,” as they say. This hopefully doesn’t mean I put down Nevada, obviously, but it does mean a whole bunch of priorities kick into high gear: including a brand-new class I have a week to spin […]

  • Nevada Dev Log: Lists Start at Zero: The Madness of Computers

    I’ve completed my dialog pass (yay!) and have now embarked on something I actually find fun*: balancing the real gameplay. This is a huge pass: all of the interrogation battles right now have zero balancing. All enemies have default stats, so all you have to do is spam “question” and win the game (or probably […]