The Tower of Silence is a level for a hypothetical third person action game. It was created to show a small level that combines world building, scripting, and level layout design in the context of a single player game.

Skills shown: 2D map layout design, using historical context to build a level narrative, building a level around a strong theme, conveying scripted elements in a narrative document.

Tower of Silence PDF Document Download

Dollar is a hypothetical level for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It shows a design that conforms to a team based, objective game called Bomb Scenario. In addition to the documentation, a functional whitebox level was created using the Unreal Engine.
Skills shown: 2D map layout design, multiplayer objective level design, whitebox and prototyping.

Dollar PDF Document Download

The Builder is a hypothetical mission for Just Cause 3. The player uses their grapple hook to position destroyed machines to build a makeshift ramp. This ramp allows them to enter a fortress.

Skills shown: Open world mission design, illustrations to depict scripted sequences, designing within a set narrative.

The Builder PDF Document Download