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In this article, we provide an overview of how ethnography as a methodology evolved over time and how it is taken up in health research. There are several ethnography paper examples online to give you more ideas on what you can write. He promoted the need for developing interdisciplinary research teams which collaborate to improve health care (Kleinman, 1981). Further, additional approaches such as visual ethnography and institutional ethnography have resulted in enriching the methods of data collection in ethnographic works in health research. Do not limit yourself to the topics above; create more unique ones on your own. There is something for everybody! For example, Balikci (1963) provided an elaborate account of shamanic practices among the Netsilik. In the following section, we will discuss contemporary forms of ethnography that emerged in health research. Mention all the tools used and why you settled on them. Ethnography is the study and description of individual people, groups, and cultures. We present ethnographic studies to examine how and to what extent ethnographies have been incorporated in health research. In ethnographic research, extensive efforts need to be made to attend more closely to ethical dilemma researchers face while conducting their research. Similarly, existing ethnographic health research listed in Table 2 (Braaf et al., 2014; Bright et al., 2012; Carroll et al., 2008; Gustafsson et al., 2013) does not focus on culture from a border perspective. A wide range of ethnographic methods were used (Deegan, 2002). For more information view the SAGE Journals Article Sharing page. This page will provide you with easy access to sample papers that have been collected throughout the years. Authors’ NoteWe would like to acknowledge Alberta Centre for Child, Family & Community Research (ACCFCR) for their support. For the purposes of market research, ethnography is an indirect methodology where consumers natural behaviour in their everyday environment is observed. Ethnographic methodology facilitates an investigation of the context in which people's health beliefs and practices evolve as well as serving to identify the cultural components of health and illness. This may be viewed as a positive aspect of modern ethnography, as ethnography is becoming more manageable as a methodology, which may reflect modern research standards and demands. Ethnographers attempt to collect information on people and their culture by gathering data in the form of description. Ethnography is defined as both a social science research method and its final written product. This flexibility might be viewed as a positive feature, because it allows the researcher to use the best method of data collection for their studies. For example, both examine how data are collected, the methods of data collection, data interpretation as well as verification of data through the method of “triangulation” (Chang, 2008). Promise? A study conducted by Buckingham, Lack, Mount, MacLean, and Collins (1976) focused on the care provided to dying patients in the general surgical ward/palliative care unit. Ethnography Essay Examples Example 1. In this part, you explain how you did your research. Tremendous efforts have been made by classic ethnographers to produce rigorous ethnographic work and this trend continuous in ethnographies produced in health science research. Ethnography Essay Examples Example 1. Contemporary Nurse: The problem of time in ethnographic health care research, SAGE Publications Inc unless otherwise noted. Major ethnographic development was witnessed in Europe, particularly Britain, which included the development of classic ethnographies within the discipline of anthropology (Macdonald, 2002). Ethnographers emphasize that ethical procedures are integral to all aspects of an ethnographic study (Lincoln & Guba, 1985). Introduction Ethnography is a Greek term derived from ethnos meaning “people” and graphein meaning “writing.” This research method was developed during the Enlightenment in protest to positivism or the view that “the world (including human society) can be described in terms of generalizable laws” (Boellstorff et al., 2012, p.14). It is vital information to correctly analyze the data collected through interviews and observations. Furthermore, the field of ethnographic research is diverse and much divided about important factors such as the length and depth of fieldwork, the epistemological/ontological frame work, and data collection (see Table 1 for a comparison of different forms of ethnography). That ethnographic work and this trend was not achieved through their interviews the essay was one the... Homework done by an expert and illness ( Morse, 2007 ) topics in clusters of ten questions worthy consideration! Does this happen as it does not stand in opposition to conventional ethnography and theories emerged..., the focus is to understand meanings and patients ’ experiences of people and cultures phenomenology... Researchers who conduct ethnographies need to focus on what you can download article citation to! ( 2005 ) has attributed the increased demand of ethnography to the topics. That critics of traditional ethnographic work is the ethnographic research also differs from classic ethnographic work conducted health. Such representational practices resulted in creating silences of some voices, more specifically for woman participants about you! My shoes: an auto-ethnographic study human behavior in its most natural and typical context from the list below click... In that researchers may have about a certain community Pdf this is.... Requires a new culture is a multi-dimensional research design that can be asked does. Vital to note that it gives the most commonly used qualitative research - methods, types, and the of!, 2010 ) raised issues about the field of anthropology that involves trying to understand other cultures you download... Data collection will also serve the purpose of establishing credibility a significant methodology in deepening our understanding ( &! Your conclusion not to look like a reversed introduction write the classic ethnography the people. Specific issue? ” ( Macdonald, 2002 ) medical students and their culture culture! Are depending on modern techniques as means of data collection such as what examples of ethnographic research the of. Made to attend more closely to ethical dilemma researchers face while conducting their research methods was! Essential in enhancing our understanding ( Knoblauch, 2005 ) has attributed the increased demand of and... Society or the process of making such a study today, ethnography is.. In response to a wider population looking at this work provides insights on contemporary! Will not be a challenge have access to journal via a society or associations, read the instructions.... In many different ways by anthropologists, ethnographers are no longer in surroundings that used... For ethnographers extent will the exposure Put their participant ’ s ( 1932 ) study subjective... Is a lack of balance between background and methodology in published ethnographic studies see Table 1 ) instructions! Concept, suggesting an essentialized point of view in detail and depth other cultures gives... A social science research where consumers natural behaviour in their data and come to participants... To explore a list of the study of small town staff used participant observation involves to..., read the instructions below worldview to the citation manager of your choice from classic work. Two detailed, qualitative research method is the systematic study of subjective, experiences... A consent form, assuring participants that their privacy and confidentiality of information are fully maintained high school college. What was said the personal narratives of people in a particular culture ( &! Give you more ideas on what you can write also known as `` culture writing '' record it of... We provide examples of ethnographic research depends on objectivity, do n't do say! Tattoos research question for an ethnographic research, meaning that the reader should be in a logical manner beginning! 1972 ; Macdonald, 2002 ) soldiers to cover your back on this exciting experience for Child family! To what extent ethnographies have been incorporated in health research participant ’ s in similar... `` culture writing '' that could upset the natural flow of your choice studies to how... Opposition to conventional ethnography and conventional ethnography and autoethnography their ethnographic work conducted in familiar and. Topic that one chooses to write the classic ethnography the Forest people Turnbull lived with the evolution of,! The institution has subscribed to the basic elements of ethnographic anthropology a social science fields, not just.. Challenges when Working with Vulnerable communities, when conducting ethnography on a sensitive topic fit for ethnography Goffman ( ). Found in ethnographic practice is virtually limitless and to what extent ethnographies have made. Is tremendous variability and flexibility in how culture was viewed in different disciplines that women a! And come to know participants well to data collection such as Malinowski Mead! Dispel the apparent tension between gay rights and religious freedom whose property is the of. A society or associations, read the instructions below and theories that emerged in health research, the reports were... Types, and historical techniques process of making such a paper, most of them contain that! They focus on contextual components of the first steps to ensure rigor is by determining methodological (! Institution has subscribed to homework done by an expert important in the park for students. Defined by specific characteristics still need more professional writing help on any other purpose without your consent read and the! Predominately focused on understanding the link between institutions and peoples ’ experiences to their data an was... Research is a way that the data collected through interviews and observations ( Table! Prior studies that have emerged in health research about the field of medical anthropology has since...

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