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February 2019 Portal Updates. © Copyright 2017 CONDUENT. If it is not, please download this program by clicking on the Adobe Acrobat link. Email address Email address Password Password Forgot password? Prior Authorization. This remittance data is often referred to as an EOB (Explanation of Benefits). The Wyoming Medicaid benefits eligibility requirements for children’s programs typically focus on the household dynamics in addition to the personal needs of each boy and girl. Skip to Main Content. Become a Medicaid Provider. Portal CMS-1500 Claim Submission Guide. agent, namely CNSI. They also answer provider inquiries regarding claim status, payments, client eligibility and known third party insurance information. // --> Provider Administration Training Webinar . This Chapter is promulgated by the Department of Health pursuant to the Medical Assistance and Services Act at W.S. Providers • Must first be enrolled with Wyoming Medicaid as prosthetic & orthotic providers, medical supply providers, or public health providers • Obtain Prior Authorization (PA) before the delivery of DME that is on the PA list • Provide maintenance, repairs, and parts for rentals • Do not bill for equipment, parts, or services Q: How do I get a code covered by Medicaid? As noted in the provider agreement under Rights and Responsibilities Related to Member Co-payments and Collections Pursuant to 42 C.F.R. How do I register for the Web Portal? To fill out the online Wyoming Medicaid pharmacy enrollment application, click on the link below to be taken to the Change Healthcare Pharmacy Portal. Medicaid in Wyoming is administered by Wyoming Department of Health ... You can get all the important details about the providers, stakeholders, clients, ... coverage details, etc. In many cases, we also offer training to the provider population through our website. T he Wyoming Department of Health, Medicaid Division has developed three programs in an attempt to make their own programs more efficient and share some of that savings with Wyoming doctors.. Perhaps The Department of Health’s best-known program for physician incentives is its Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) … The following actions can only be processed within the portal.