I’m a huge fan of Batman and a huge fan of the Arkham games. I was so excited by Arkham Asylum that I went around telling people that it was “Arkham Asylum Day” when the first game in the series was released. I was able to make my mark on this popular franchise when Human Head was tasked with both the Batman: Arkham Origins WiiU port and the playable, show floor demo of the game. The demo was an interesting scripting challenge; we were handed a developer-driven product, and had to make it airtight for regular players (developer-driven demos usually have bugs that the developer knows to avoid). This caused us to focus on player experience, knowing that a particular player might only have fifteen minutes to try out the game during a busy show (it was shown at Pax and at the Tokyo Game Show in 2013). I was also involved in making sure the Japanese localization of the show floor demo functioned correctly. Finally, I fixed various aspects of the WiiU port that involved Unreal scripting.

Typically I don’t post youtube videos with advertisements, but in this case, this is really the only way I can show our work on the show floor demo!

At 5:43, you can see one of my small player experience tweaks: to make sure players understood that they had to go to the elevator to advance the demo, I created a short cinematic of the elevator door opening.

For the WiiU port, I was asked to fix Unreal scripting bugs. One bug that was really cool to fix was an instance of bad collision causing the player to be stuck in the batcave after a game event. The only way to progress after this is to reload a check point. I fixed this with a bit of Unreal finesse, and right after I submitted the fix, Warner Brothers informed us that the bug would be marked “will not fix.” So, as a result, the only version of this game to not have this small bug is the WiiU version!

Developer: Human Head Studios, Warner Brothers Montreal
Release Date: 2013
Publisher: Warner Brothers
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, Steam
Genre: Third Person Action/Adventure, Open World