Ben 10: Galactic Racing was my last game at Vicious Cycle Software. Not many game developers can say they’ve worked on a kart racer! I was in charge of creating the vertical slice track, called Necrofriggian Valley. It’s one of the largest tracks in the game! I created the track layout using the spline tools in 3D Studio Max, and applying scripted objects once this was in-editor (it used the Vicious Engine, the in-house tech we had). Necrofriggian Valley has fun corkscrew as well as a ice bridge that breaks after a certain number of laps have been completed, leading to a new path.

Grey boxing levels in 3D Studio Max. Tracks were meant to be more fantastical than the current Mario Kart iterations at the time. To this end, I developed jumps, breakable terrain, and corkscrews.

Developer: Monkey Bar Games (a division of Vicious Cycle Software)
Release Date: 2011
Publisher(s): D3 Publisher
Console(s): Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Playstation Vita
Genre: Kart Racer