To say it was a thrill to work on a game of this grand scope would be an understatement. Working directly in Boston with the Irrational team, my colleagues and I were in charge of getting the Finkton map in top shape (Finkton is roughly in the middle of the game). The project was great fun, and we were all proud of the results.

I joined the Irrational team in May of 2012, focusing on the Finkton map. One of my main tasks was prototyping combat encounters. This involved scripting waves of enemies, moving around any allied NPC characters to their correct locations, and triggering the correct cinematics, checkpoints, or events during the combat. One thing I focused on during these combat encounters was creating fair, balanced fights that kept the player character abilities, enemy abilities, and level layouts in mind. One fun little detail: I noticed in “Shantytown” that you could stand on barrels, which held fires inside of them, without being damaged. I couldn’t have that, so I sprinkled in some carefully-sized damage volumes over top of them. I was incredibly pleased to find this little detail in the shipped product!

Near the end of my time on this project, I was approached with a special job: inserting all the VO triggers and timings throughout the Finkton area. This required working with the audio team at Irrational, and paying close attention to the script to ensure that the right beats were being emphasized and that the VO timing was correct.

Developer: Irrational Games
Release Date: 2013
Publisher: 2k
Consoles: Xbox 360, PS3, & PC
Genre: FPS