After a fun couple of years working on original IP and other projects for Human Head Studios, I moved on to Cold Iron Studios, which eventually was acquired by FoxNext Games. As a result, I’m now working on another major IP, in this case, Aliens! While the game’s existence is public, not much else is at the moment, so check back later for more updates. For now, understand that it is a PC/Console shooter based on the Aliens franchise, and that it uses the Unreal 4 engine!

Coming Soon!

I joined Cold Iron during their infancy in 2016. I was one of their first design hires! As such, this project has provided an amazing opportunity to set design best practices and processes from the beginning. I was responsible for 100% of the game’s world design from 2016 until the fall of 2018, when we expanded our design department. This included documenting building processes, metrics, architectural archetypes, and gameplay archetypes. Additionally, I built all of the game’s levels, from stem-to-stern! I now help oversee a growing team of designers, while spearheading mission content work. This current work includes mission designing from paper, delivering design specifications to the engineering team, and implementing systems into playable missions. On the whole, my position at Cold Iron is am awesome combination of “in the trenches” content work and upper level managing. I can’t wait to see what the future brings here!

Specific skills employed on this project include:

  • Leadership and mentoring.
  • Unreal 4 blueprint scripting.
  • Unreal 4 implementation.
  • Unreal 4 world building (blockout, lighting, set dressing, FX placement).
  • Documentation:
    • Mission Systems
    • World Building Practices
    • Paper map design
    • Paper mission design

Developer: Cold Iron Studios
Release Date: TBD
Publisher: FoxNext Games
Consoles: Console and PC
Genre: Shooter