While working on Bioshock Infinite, I wanted to keep my skills in other areas sharp. So I created this Call of Duty IV multiplayer map, designed for roughly 8-12 players. BSP creation in this engine is a lot of fun, as you can get great results with it (this engine was designed for BSP to be more “exposed” than we are currently used to in games). What made this project more fulfilling than a typical mod level was the organized play tests. Getting a group of experienced FPS players together to play your map leads to far better results for the map’s gameplay!

In a game like this, you have to design the level with the weapon capabilities in mind. And when you have a diverse set of weapons, any of which could be brought into play via the game’s loadout system, you have to make sure you have fun game play for every type of weapon a player can bring to bear. In that in mind, I designed some areas with long sightlines for snipers (including a sniper tower), but also made sure some areas were blocked off, allowing for mid-range combat. Finally, the “shantytown” area of the map in particular was designed for close combat play, as well as the building interiors. Everyone gets to have fun with their favorite weapons!

Developer: Rob Howard (Call of Duty IV: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Mod)
Release Date: 2012
Platform: PC
Genre: FPS