Of all of my level mod projects, this had some of the most intense scripting. Learning Radiant Script (basically Doom3 script) was a cool challenge, and the Call of Duty toolset doesn’t have readily available tutorials and information, at least compared to other game engines such as Unreal or Unity. However, this meant I had to reverse engineer the maps provided in Call of Duty IV: Modern Warfare, which was great fun! In this map, I recreate one of my favorite sequences from the retail game: the ride in the gunner’s chair of the Sea Knight helicopter. Strap in and fire away!

A lot of work was put into getting the player correctly attached to the Sea Knight gunner’s chair. Additionally, there is an enemy helicopter that appears, spraying the ground with machine gun fire. These shots are scripted, with targets being dummy entities on the ground. Another fun scripting challenge was the “slow motion” hostage scenario, again reverse engineered from the retail game. Finally, I solved on last scripting mystery: the Javelin anti-tank gun, which is how the level ends.

Developer: Rob Howard (Call of Duty IV: Modern Warfare Mod)
Release Date: 2009
Platform: PC
Genre: FPS