The experiment was to create an RPG style combat system, except the “combat” is the game of American football! This was a really fun exercise in adapting rules to a known game, and merging it with an entirely different genre. I allow the player to pick between two different running and passing plays each. “Run middle” is a low risk, low reward play, while “run sweep” has a higher chance of producing more yards, but a higher chance of turning the ball over to the other team. “Pass middle” and “pass long” also have different levels of risk. The opponent defense changes formation to better defend against the pass or run. Finally, scoring a touchdown gives you a chance to win a bonus item, which grants you a free first down, boosts your running ability, or boosts your passing ability. This is a “0.1” alpha prototype, so it will be unpolished with some bugs here and there.

I composed the music myself, using virtual instruments to imitate classic 8 bit chip sounds. The sound effects are meant to emulate the low fidelity sounds of old game consoles; the game sounds are mostly my voice, recorded (on purpose!) into a poor quality microphone, then down sampled. This provides a pleasing, low tech “crunch.”

Created as an experiment that combines Role Playing Game (RPG) style turn based “combat” with American Football. Plays (running, passing) are driven by menu commands, much like an RPG (“attack,” “magic,” etc.). There are also items that the player wins after playing a bonus game after scoring a touchdown. These items boost the player’s running ability, passing ability, or gives them an automatic first down. Please note that the game assumes some familiarity with American Football. This is a prototype, in an alpha (playable, but unfinished) state.