Amazon wanted to do a game that really pushed what was possible on mobile devices, and the result was Lost Within, a console style experience on iOS and FireOS devices. I got to really spread out and do a variety of work across many disciplines: design, programming, scripting, and sound design. I even served as the director for the voice acting sessions! The game has a number of exciting, high-impact cinematics that were a blast to create!




Lost Within required a lot of C# scripting to create, due to both how the Unity engine works, and the needs of the game itself. I created many of the interactive objects (the locker, door, safe, supernatural barrier, etc.), first in JavaScript, but then in C# when we converted the entire project to that language (it wasn’t that bad, honest!). In addition to these gameplay programming tasks, I also did more typical “game event” scripting: triggering game events such as “scares,” voice acting,”supernatural earthquakes,” and enemy spawning. Finally, I created from front to back many of the in-game cinematics – putting in custom cameras, scripting the changes of scenery, and creating our signature effect: flashing back in time, showing a room or area as it existed years ago! Check out my videos to see some of this work in action!

Lost Within required great audio, since so much of the narrative experience is conveyed with sound. My involvement here was heavy indeed; I was the audio lead for the project! While overseeing the work being done by our external contractors, I also did a lot of sound design myself, in house. A good example of this would be the Boy character – often represented off screen by hearing knocks on the walls and scuffling feet in the distance. I used Foley to accomplish most of this, utilizing my own home’s basement to get the right ambience. The music is often a remix that I created of the tracks we received, sometimes creating what appear to be completely different musical tracks. That’s very helpful when you only have so many minutes of music in the budget! Finally, I directed every voice acting session. It was a thrilling experience to direct the awesome pros we found to voice these lively characters!

Developer: Human Head Studios
Release Date: 2015
Publisher: Amazon Game Studios
Platforms: iOS, FireOS
Genre: Survival Horror