This level was created to see if experienced players needed explicit instructions to complete a level’s objectives. Other than the simple story screen at the beginning (not present in the test version), this level has no map indicators and no “objective” texts or reminders (just some NPC dialog). Some of the level objectives require players learning new game mechanics (such as destructible environments) without the help of explicit instruction.

Most of the buildings seen in the video are BSP creations, with placements of meshes decorating them. The central building (the grey building with the large facade) is meant to draw the player by being the largest, most visually heavy element in the scene.

For scripting, I had a lot of fun creating the final sequence. The hostage takers are invincible, and the only way to defeat them is to shoot the pillars above them, causing the ceiling to collapse on them. To accomplish this, I had to make some pillars in 3D Studio Max, with several damage states. Then, when those pillars registered damage, it would change states to reveal the damage. Finally, they would break apart, and be converted to physics objects so they could fall convincingly. It’s a cool, big moment!

Developer: Rob Howard (UT3 Mod)
Release Date: 2009
Platform: PC
Genre: FPS