When I arrived at Human Head Studios in February of 2011, my jaw hit the floor. I had seen Prey 2 for the first time and it was simply incredible. A labor of love, created by some of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with, it was also one of the most fun games I’ve ever played in mid-development. I would lose myself just jumping around the impressive world (my first job on the project was setting up timed races, so I guess this was appropriate!). Of course this was eventually cancelled, but I’m at least happy to be able to share with you what details I can about this special project (please note that all screenshots and videos used here are from publicly available materials).

I joined Human Head as a level scripter (though my role at the company has expanded since then). So my tasks on Prey 2 were entirely of a scripting nature. I created missions, both in the open world and in our dungeon levels. Many times these missions were open ended for the designer, allowing a great deal of variety in implementation. My favorite was a raid in which a faction was planting bombs in an enemy base. Setting up the bombs and combat set pieces in this dungeon allowed me experiment with player tension and pacing. Additionally, I scripted a number of interrogations. You play a bounty hunter in Prey 2, and unlike most FPS games, your gun is holstered unless you choose to hold it up. Doing this would cause reactions from some characters, even causing some to give you valuable information. For example, a character might demand some money from you before they tell you what you need to know, or they might be stubborn for their own reasons. Sometimes I would script it so that raising your gun caused the character to become scared and give up the information; other times, they would fight back, causing a brawl! Scripting these gritty, realistic encounters was, in a word, awesome.

Developer: Human Head Studios
Release Date: Cancelled
Publisher: ZeniMax Media
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, Steam
Genre: FPS, Open World