Happy New Year 2024!

With a new year comes a new resolve to not be lazy with this blog and portfolio website in general. Happily, the main reason for this laziness is things have gone wonderfully at Purdue, with many fulfilling projects, incredible students, and meaningful work.

A brief overview of those things:

  1. A Korean language and culture adventure, called Stranger, was developed over the course of the summer. It was brought to a strong shipping candidate and is about to enter testing and research.
  2. The publishing of Game Design Essentials and A Career in Video Game Development. Two wonderful books that were a pleasure to write.
  3. Numerous new classes and curriculum developed at Purdue for Game Development, including the general advancement of Purdue Game Development. We are Princeton Review ranked now!
  4. The continued success of my amazing students as they enter the games industry. They make me proud.

There is more, but I should keep this short. One of my resolutions for the year is to make more things a habit, which includes writing. I hope to have many more entries on this blog about game design, projects I’m working on, and whatever else fits in this space. Happy New Year!