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Sunsetting Nevada

If you’ve read this blog before, or if you are a student of mine at Purdue, you might be vaguely familiar with the detective/adventure game I’ve been working on, called Nevada. I started working on it in the summer of 2020. I’ve made a lot of great progress on it, and I think the game […]

A Professor’s Git Repo (Nevada Dev Log)

I finished the evidence pass today- awesome. I’m not exactly sure what my next pass should be, actually. Probably conversations- in my game, I have branching conversations. Not deep branching Mass Effect style things, but they do have consequences. I actually really like using my conversation system. It might be one of the best little […]

Nevada Dev Log: Evidence of Work?

Almost immediately after beginning the evidence pass I realized I needed to check the thing I alluded to before: what would happen after I tried to gather more than 3-4 things? Would the UI explode? This is one of the harder aspects about having a personal project that takes a long time (years, in this […]

Nevada Dev Log: Journalin’

A big reason why I wanted to blog again was to write about the indie game I’m making, called Nevada. I started this in the summer of 2020 as a completely solo endeavor. Just me, Unreal 4.26, and whatever I could scrounge from the asset store. The vision? To create a kind of detective noir […]