Nevada Dev Log: Mostly Pictures of Status Effects

It is 11:12 pm, less than an hour away before my summer break ends (sadness!) and I go back “on-contract,” as they say. This hopefully doesn’t mean I put down Nevada, obviously, but it does mean a whole bunch of priorities kick into high gear: including a brand-new class I have a week to spin up (gulp!).

So, in order to enjoy that tiny bit of remaining break, let’s keep this short: I’m on my pass where I’m balancing all the enemy interrogation encounters. As part of that, I’m adding a lot of functionality to enemies, including giving them the opportunity to use their own versions of “gravitas” and “anger” status effect attacks on the player. This was a lot of work, but I’m mostly done now! Pictures incoming:

The player has had “anger” used on them. The status message in the upper right varies but always implies that the player is scared or intimidated in some way.
The player has had anger used on them, while the player used gravitas on the enemy.
Yes, I love using goofy animations for my characters. Goofy anims are also easier to find in the asset store, and frankly I’ve always found that broad emotions work better in games than subtlety, especially when you are being so abstract.
Here the player has had gravitas used on them, as has the enemy. They are both in a negative status and lose mental stamina with each turn until it wears off.